Hurricane Season 2004 So Far

This year Florida has been slammed by four major storms making it a real eye-opener for state emergency officials, starting with Hurricane Charley, which made landfall in south Florida as a Category 4 in mid-August.

Hurricane Frances followed, then Hurricane Ivan, which looped back into the Gulf after making landfall, and then came Jeanne.

Mike Stone of the Florida Division of Emergency Management said, “Perhaps there was a level of hurricane amnesia in this state. I think the amnesia has long since past."

He adds the back-to-back storms created scenarios where officials had to repeatedly go back to the same areas. When Hurricane Ivan took out major bridges in Pensacola for example, officials had to quickly rethink their strategy for shipping supplies.

A lot has been learned from this active season, a season that doesn't end until Nov. 30.

The Florida EOC confirms the total number of hurricane related fatalities statewide is 91. In Georgia, that total is at five and all the result of Hurricane Ivan.