FAMU's Board of Trustees Wants President Gainous Out

On the campus of Florida A&M University a much anticipated Board of Trustees meeting has lived up to its expectations. Tuesday the Board of Trustees voted to terminate the presidency of Dr. Fred Gainous.

One by one FAMU supporters expressed their displeasure. As the Board of Trustees listened, the theme of the message became apparent.

A motion came from trustee Challis Lowe to terminate the presidency of Dr. Fred Gainous effective immediately, and then the tension of the board was exposed.

After intense discussion the board voted eight to four, but it included an amendment that would give Gainous until January 1, 2005 and the only way the president would keep his job is if the board voted unanimously to extend his contract.

As far as how realistic that is, trustee Randy Hanna, who supports the president, say it's highly unlikely that in two months they can turn around an eight to four vote to unanimous for Gainous.

A big reason for the extra two months is to give the presidential evaluation committee a chance to review the president's performance. The main goal is to simply be fair to Dr. Gainous.