Attempted Murder Trial

A father and son accused of trying to kill a Tallahassee police officer are now on trial together, and perhaps the most damaging testimony against Abdul and Musa Shabazz is a video tape of the chase and shooting.

Tallahassee Police OFC Chuck Perry took the stand Tuesday morning and told the jury about that day last July when he followed a suspicious car only to find himself in the line of fire.

Video surveillance tape was taken by a camera in OFC Perry's car. It is the key piece of evidence against 54-year-old Abdul Shabazz and his son, 23-year-old Musa Shabazz.

Musa is accused of being behind the wheel that day and leading Perry on a chase. His father Abdul is accused of getting out of their car not once, but twice to fire at OFC Perry.

Ron Flury, a prosecutor, says, "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, at least nine shots, several of which hit OFC Perry's vehicle."

Abdul and Musa Shabazz are on trial together, but the son's attorney is trying to pin at least the attempted murder charge on his dad, saying Musa was afraid and got tangled up in his father's web.

Leonard Holton, Musa Shabazz's attorney, says, "There will be no evidence that my client touched, handled, displayed or fired a firearm in this case."

Another officer who joined the chase and also dodged gunfire took the stand Tuesday afternoon. There is no word yet on whether either of the Shabazz's will testify. The trial will continue Wednesday.