Pavo, Georgia's Water Supply

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Pavo residents are still on edge after Jeanne caused the city's water plant to shut down, and some are still left in the dark. People are coping and wondering how soon a sense of normalcy could return.

In the wake of Jeanne's impact, Pavo residents were in a water crisis after the city's water plant shut down and the threat of contamination surfaced. On top of that problem, Louise Carter, a diabetic, is one of five others in this neighborhood still without power.

Miller says, "There were some poles down there and we couldn't replace it. We weren't able to get the power back. Georgia Power is working on it."

Louise Carter, who is still without power, adds, "You got your medicine, meat, insulin and everything ruining, spoiling, you just don't know what to do."

It’s an expression not just because of the sweltering heat inside, but because Donnie Stewart along with other residents depend on electricity due to health problems.

Elizabeth Hill, a Pavo resident, says, "My grandson has to be on a breathing machine. We don't have any lights and his machine can't work. I don't even have a phone to call 9-1-1."

As for the water plant, everything's back to normal and officials are now getting the water tested by local environmental services..

Bob Miller, a Pavo City Council member, says, "We sent the water sample up to Moultrie to get tested. Hopefully by today we can drink water again."

City officials say they're working diligently to get everyone's power restored. In the meantime, residents are trying to remain patient and hopeful. People are still urged to boil their drinking water for 10 minutes until further notice from the city, and officials expected to have all the power restored sometime Tuesday.