Georgia's Insurance Commissioner Visits Valdosta

Georgia's insurance commissioner spent Tuesday touring some of the storm damaged areas. From the minute he stepped off the plane, insurance commissioner John Oxendine was ready to take a personal tour of some of the worst flooding Lowndes County has seen in years.

John Oxendine said, "I was just like my God, I hope no one lives here."

Over half a mile of Franklinville Road is still completely underwater and county officials are worried folks who live nearby won't see a dry road for some time. The next stop was this home.

Oxendine adds, "He had to move all his furniture out. The carpet's gone, the house is pretty much being gutted and redone from everything from three to four inches down."

Water from Jeanne came into one household where renters are having to absorb the cost of replacing the carpet because they did not have flood insurance.

John Oxendine says, "That's one thing we want to remind people about is that your homeowner's insurance does not cover flooding. You have to buy a separate policy if you buy a home or rent a home."

County officials say they hope this firsthand view will give state officials a better understanding of the extent of storm damage.

J.T. Fielding, the Lowndes County fire chief, says, "It's very important. A picture does say a lot, but when they can actually visualize it, it makes it more and more important."

Commissioner Oxendine says he plans to make the folks of Lowndes County a priority. Commissioner Oxendine also said Tuesday that his office is available to help anyone who feels that an insurance adjustor is treating them unfairly.