Shockwaves Over Gainous Vote

"Personally, I do not think he has the qualifications for this school. He did not have the qualifications," Clydell Coon, a FAMU alumna, states.

Those are strong words coming from FAMU alumni, statements that directly address the leadership of President Fred Gainous.

Alvin Bryant, president of the FAMU National Alumni Association, says, "I feel at this point, two years being on the job, a vision should be in place."

Hundreds of students listened to the meeting by radio and by speakers placed across campus, many of them now confused about the leadership of their historic university.

Mika Cooper, a FAMU student, says, "I think he came in with a lot of problems, so a lot of things are not his fault and they should at least give him another chance and do another evaluation before they put him out."

Students say the contract extension until January 1 is a good move, allowing Gainous to prove he's the right person for the job.

Robert Mayberry, another FAMU student, says, "An extension until January, I really don't see a problem with it. I think if we were going to make changes as far as leadership, I'd rather the change in leadership be over the semester rather than trying to change presidents in the middle of the semester."

Originally, some students felt the board did not consider them in the decision making.

Lamonica Orr, a FAMU student, says, "People feel strongly about FAMU and they want the best for it. Sometimes they go on emotions versus things that are going to benefit FAMU as a whole."

Students on the hill say with so much chaos at the top, their school spirit could suffer.