Ditching the Deja Vu

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Four years ago, the Democratic mantra was count every vote. Democrats were caught off guard and out-maneuvered in the legal arena. Not this time says Kerry legal team member, Ron Myer.

Ron Myer says, "This time around we want to make sure that problems are dealt with before the votes are counted and to ensure that the votes are in, cast and counted."

Across town, a picture of Tallahassee lawyer Mark Levine with Al Gore hangs in the lawyer's office. Levine is one of more than three dozen legal volunteers for Kerry in north Florida.

Mark Levine says, "What we are interested in is that anybody’s right to vote is preserved so that the issue can be dealt with at a later date by canvassing boards or courts."

John Kerry has said that nationwide there will be 10,000 lawyers looking out on his behalf, clearly several hundred or more will be here in Florida. Republicans aren’t going to be outdone.

Four years ago, Barry Richard directed the president's legal team in Florida. He was signed up by the Bush-Cheney campaign months ago.

Barry says, "It’s almost certain that there will be some lawsuits filed. I seriously doubt that there will be any lawsuits of the magnitude of last time."

With the election still weeks away, both sides are planning for the worst and hoping for the best, a clear victory that will negate any legal action.