Governor Visits Valdosta to Assess Storm Damage

Gov. Sonny Perdue says federal and state aid are on the way. One day after metro Valdosta was slammed by Tropical Storm Jeanne, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue was getting a firsthand look at the damage, including the flooding of Dexter Washington's home.

Gov. Sonny Perdue, (R) Georgia, says, "This family, Dexter Washington and his wife, are truly grateful. They are good examples of being victims and yet they understand how blessed we are to have neighbors come and help."

Dexter Washington says the governor's visit was a great help, especially in such a trying time for his family.

Dexter says, "Well, he asked me a lot of questions about the under damage, the water, the time frame, how bad the first couple of storms were, a couple different questions, and he's a real concerned man. He reassured me, he said there are some things that are in the works, actually some type of relief and how we should be hearing from him pretty soon."

Perdue also got a good chance to see how extensive the damage was to local crops.

Perdue says, "The first thing you notice is a lot of tree damage, pecan orchards as well as regular trees all over the area, pretty significant."

Gov. Perdue says he will demand quick federal financial help for Georgia so this area can return to normal as quickly as possible. After his stop in Valdosta Tuesday afternoon, the governor moved on to two other south Georgia counties to assess the damage there as well.