Tallahassee City Utilities Crews Working to Get Lights Back On

Some Tallahassee residents may still be without power, but crews are working overtime to change that. Not for the first time this season, City of Tallahassee utility crews are racking up the overtime.

Danny Marshall, a City of Tallahassee Utility worker, said, "It’s been rough. It has been a long time since I can remember a year like this where we got so many storms and I don't just mean hurricanes, but storms."

At one point after Jeanne, all over Tallahassee thousands of customers were without power, but most were brought back into the light within hours. Still, a few are waiting in the dark, keeping crews on 24-hour shifts to fix the problems.

Bill Behenna, City of Tallahassee spokesperson, said, “We have still got some people without power. We know of about 30 outages and we're working on at least 22 of them right now.”

While the non-stop shifts are taking a toll, utility crews are keeping it all in perspective.

If you know of anyone still without power, please call 891-4YOU. Also, the city would like people to report any electrical connections or wiring that looks damaged. Please call that same number, even if the power is still working.