Rattlers Unite in Prayer

It's the day after the highest leader at FAMU was ousted, but Wednesday university faculty, staff and students turned to an even higher power to cope with the turmoil.

Yards away from where a defeated president sits, faculty, staff and students organized a prayer for unity.

Philip Agnew, president of the FAMU sophomore class, said, “[FAMU] is going through a transition time, of course everything that happens with administration happens with the students.”

This gathering was originally scheduled for Monday but was rained out due to Tropical Storm Jeanne. Tuesday, the FAMU Board of Trustees voted the president out. Now, some feel the date change was a blessing in itself.

Erin Washington, a FAMU junior, says, “I think it will warm the hearts of some people and turn some negativity into positive.”

FAMU wasn't the only issue making the prayer list; concerns such as the state of the union and violence were mentioned. However, the event did raise some eyebrows.

Dr. James Moran, coordinator of Advancement and Alumni Affairs, said, “I know there were concerns over separation of church and state, but we are representing individuals who work and go to school here at FAMU.”

Even controversy couldn't dampen this group's spirit.

“I'm taking a stand against the devil and telling him, you can't have FAMU, you can't have the student body.”

In a phone conversation Wednesday, Dr. Gainous said it is business as usual on campus. He says when the time is appropriate he will address the community on what has happened.