Local Quadruplets Get a New Home

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One of the favorite events on the CBS Early Show is the Week of Wishes, where they grant one viewer's wish every day for a week. A Tallahassee couple made the ultimate wish last November to have a home of their own.

When they got married in 1997, Penny and Dwain Dyer knew their lives would change. What they didn't know was how much.

Life was actually routine until Penny got pregnant. Penny was carrying quadruplets and she was terrified, but it got worse. Doctors told Penny that carrying all four to term could endanger the babies’ lives and Penny's.

They suggested removing two of the babies in order that the others might have a better chance of survival. For penny, it was all or nothing.

On March 21, 2002, Penny Dyer gave birth to four babies, Bailey, Peyton, Brooks and Jessica, 10 weeks early. In multiple births, some babies have birth defects, but the Dyer children were perfect.

They were a challenge from day one, consuming juice by the gallon, eggs by the dozen and diapers by the case, and there's more. The Dyers live in a rented mobile home at the end of a long dirt road that turns into mud when it rains.

They needed a bigger house, but even with both parents working, a new home seemed a long way off until Grandma Dyer wrote a letter to the Early Show.

“Her only wish is to have a home with a nice yard and a space for the children to play. If there's any way to help make this wish come true for my children and grandchildren I would be overjoyed.”

On November 21, 2003, the Dyers' wish was granted. Last spring, Penny and Dwain found a level lot surrounded by trees and the dream began to take shape. To make sure it would last forever, the Dyers built their house on a raised wood system that will keep their living space dry and away from bugs, but there's a lot more. There's a huge kitchen, and every child gets his or her own bedroom.

The family hopes to move in sometime in early November.