Tallahassee Urban League Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Since that house was completed in 1978, more than 600 homes have been made over by the league. Exactly what this silver anniversary means is found in the faces of the families the Tallahassee Urban League has helped.

Margaret Sanders, who was helped by the Urban League, says, "I'm proud of my home. I'm happy and proud of the Urban League."

Eight years ago, Margaret moved into her made-over home. It’s one of the more than 600 the Urban League has revamped, a program that's brought relief to many low income families, mostly seniors.

Ingrid Maysonette, helped by the Urban League, says, "Used to have an old, rather drafty shotgun house. After I had a cozy, extremely old shotgun house."

Before the Urban League steps in many of the homes are without indoor plumbing, electricity and have leaking roofs.

Sen. Al Lawson, (D) Tallahassee, says, "With the winds and rains we've had with all the storms, I'm happy to know the homes stand up to devastation."

Unfortunately for every success story there are hundreds of needy families waiting to be helped by the Urban League.

In recognition of the Tallahassee Urban League's 25th anniversary, the City of Tallahassee has declared September 29, 2004 as the Tallahassee Urban League Rehabilitation Day.