Damage Assessments Continue in Thomas County

The assessments are leaving emergency management officials and residents just hoping to be spared from what's left of this hurricane season.

Reminders of Jeanne are still evident in Thomasville, like a tree lodged in the middle of what used to be Patsy Weaver's house.

Patsey says, "I heard the sound of wind that woke me up. I heard the crack, crack, I said Lord this tree is coming down, then a hit. It's a total loss; the insurance people were out here yesterday."

Utility crews are continuing to restore power Wednesday afternoon. About 100 people were still living without it.

Sherri Nix of Tallahassee Utilities says, "All of our crews are working almost 24 hours a day to get everybody restored. We are now down to the ones that have really significant damage."

Emergency management officials say damaged utility poles and power lines just scratch the surface in preliminary damage assessments.

Chris Jones, director of Thomas County EMS, says, "Some of the major feeder lines on down to the lines going to the residences, transformers, tree removal, anything you relate to weather related damages."

Jones says the estimated costs in Thomas County are already around $250,000 and counting.

Jones adds, "We're just hoping to get a break from all of this and try to get everything back to normal."

In spite of her damages, Weaver says in essence she didn't lose much.

"I'm not sorry about the house, I just thank God we came out alive."

She's planning to start rebuilding from the ground up.

Thomas County officials met with FEMA officials Thursday to go over total damages. They hope the county will qualify for federal assistance.