A Lesson in Philanthropy

Students at Florida High School have taken one of their classrooms and turned it into a hurricane relief center. The ultimate goal is to give other schools in disaster areas a little support.

Danielle Davis, SGA president at Florida High School, says, "After reading all of the stories in the paper about the schools in south Florida that were destroyed and how people needed food, waiting in lines for hours and having to take classes outside, we realize we were very fortunate up here not to get hit that hard."

Student Danielle Kennedy hopes clothing items are a blessing to those devastated by back-to-back storms.

Danielle says, "When I watched the footage on the news, it broke my heart to see people at their homes crying at what's left. There's nothing but wood, just debris everywhere."

Until October 8, Florida High will collect canned goods, bottled water and school supplies. SGA sponsor Melanie Hester recently saw pictures of a high school where she worked four years ago in Osceola County, one hit hard by Hurricane Charley.

Melanie says, "They totally lost their gym and cafeteria, and the kids are having to eat lunch under a tent everyday. Plus, there was a huge amount of damage to some homes in that area and I felt just bad."

Hester adds the response from families in Tallahassee and other areas has been great, with donations pouring in every day.