Tallahassee Jury Expected to Begin Deliberating in Attempted Murder Trial

Neither Musa Shabazz nor his father, Abdul opted to take the stand Wednesday, and the defense presented no witnesses on their behalf.

In police cruiser dashboard video, a man can be seen holding a gun in each hand and opening fire on the patrol car of Tallahassee Police OFC Chuck Perry.

Earnest Hoffman lives right across the street and heard it all.

Earnest says, "It's unfortunate that someone would attack the police like that and take the life of officers and innocent bystanders into their own hands. He must have been pretty desperate."

Musa and Abdul Shabazz are on trial for attempted murder. They're accused of trying to kill OFC Perry and another officer who chased them last July as they fled a Tallahassee bank.

A ballistics expert told the jury about the many bullet fragments recovered at the scene and the weapons found in the Shabazz's car, three handguns and two rifles.

The attorney for 23-year-old Musa Shabazz is trying to convince the jury that though his client was behind the wheel, he was powerless to stop his father from shooting, a shooting that now has both staring down possible life sentences.

Attorneys will be making their final arguments in the case Wednesday evening and the jury is expected to begin deliberating immediately.