Tallahassee Veterans Day Tradition Will Go On

This year it almost didn't happen. For decades Americans have come together and celebrated the men and women who have defended our country and our freedoms, sometimes with their lives.

Charles LeCroy of the American Legion says, "It all spells freedom and the reason we're standing here now is because of freedom. Guys like myself, millions of guys have been over there to secure our freedom."

In Tallahassee the Veteran's Day Parade has been an annual event since World War II, but this year the parade almost didn't happen.

Charles LeCroy adds, "Insurance seemed to be the top level issue on this thing and we were battling with some organizations as to who was going to pay."

Larry Davis with Leon County Veterans Services says, "The original parade sponsors decided they wouldn't be able to sponsor it this year, so Leon County is stepping up to the plate this year and putting all the pieces together."

LeCroy adds, “They saw the need to continue the parade. We'll have the parade November 11th."

Leon County organizers admit they're a little behind, but they're confident they can pull it off. Despite the late start, Davis says the pieces are coming together and this November 11 will be one to remember.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in the Veteran's Day Parade please call 850-488-8462.