FSU Fans Show Lack of Sportsmanship

FSU President T.K. Wetherell is "blowing the whistle" on some FSU football fans. The top Seminole says "unsportsmanlike conduct" has made its way into the stands at Doak Campbell.

Wetherell says fans need to get back on the original game plan.

If FSU President T.K. Wetherell could throw a yellow flag, he would! The die hard Seminole football fan says the behavior of some people at Doak Campbell Stadium is unacceptable.

“This idea that you boo players or obscene gestures, it's just not what we're all about,” says Wetherell.

Wetherell says at this year's home games he's witnessed FSU fans shouting obscenities at visiting fans, booing the opposing team and cheering an FSU injury.

Dr. Mary Coburn, V.P. of Students, says, “These are student athletes just like those in the stands here to get and education and represent the university and do their best.”

Students on campus don't deny it.

Ronald Chunga, an FSU freshman, says, “Of course I've heard it, but you can't blame them sometimes because they have to let their feelings out somehow, someway.”

FSU administrators and even some students say it’s not scoring points with them. FSU says the university has always been known as a friendly campus and they want to make sure it stays that way.