Playground in a Day

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Based on homeless children's drawings, volunteers turned a vacant lot into a playground in one day, an area that will provide a safe environment for dozens of kids.

Nail by nail, volunteers are busy building Bethany Family Apartments’ very first playground.

Nikki Beard, a resident, says, "Before, didn't really have nothing to do but get a ball and play."

Nikki Beard and her three children moved in a week ago. It's considered her saving grace.

Gary Perko, president of the Emergency Care Help Organization, says, "Families are all homeless, we help them budget, provide job training and support services like child care."

The playground's design is the handy work of the children who call the apartments home, so from the coloring book to the drawing board and beyond, the playground is taking shape.

Brenda Hayes, also a resident, says, "Great thing they are doing, I really appreciate this so little black kids and white kids can have somewhere to play."

Home Depot employees, armed with a hammer and saw, laid out the ground work, the blueprint for family filled fun.

Nikki Beard adds, "Me and my three kids are really going to enjoy this."

Along with the more than 150 children who will live here this year, Kaboom, a national non-profit organization, along with Home Depot has built more than 200 playgrounds in communities throughout North America.