Father and Son are Convicted of Attempted Murder

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The verdict is in for a father and son accused of trying to kill a Tallahassee police officer. It took less than three hours for the jury to reach a decision.

Around 10 a.m. Thursday morning the jury found Abdul Shabazz and his son Musa guilty of attempted first degree murder. Several Tallahassee police officers were there to hear the final outcome, many of them saying justice was served.

OFC Chuck Perry was shot at more than a dozen times that summer day in 2003. The images remain fresh in his mind and were recaptured in the courtroom Thursday.

Perry survived the shooting and car chase that landed two suspects in the courtroom. Fifty-four-year-old Abdul Shabazz and his 23-year-old son Musa stood trial for attempted first degree murder; after two days and just over two hours the jury reached a decision.

Both defendants stood emotionless before they were escorted out of the courtroom. OFC Perry won't have to worry; attorneys say this duo faces life in prison. As for Perry, the ordeal may have been terrifying, but work must go on.

Perry says, “Just need to be committed. The people I work with are and that's what we do, we want to make this a safer place to live.”

Assistant state attorney Ron Flury says triggerman Abdul Shabazz faces three life sentences while his son Musa could serve over 75 years behind bars. Sentencing is set for November 1.