Flood Warnings in Suwannee County

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Hurricane Jeanne may be long gone, but the flood waters it left behind are threatening homes and covering roads in Suwannee County. So far, the Suwannee River has risen several feet above flood stage.

The recent round of tropical storms may be gone, but their effects are still being felt along the Suwannee River as it continues to overflow its normal boundaries.

David Pharr, a river observer, says, "When it first started raining with Jeanne, it came up 24 inches over night and it’s come up about three feet since. Our normal river levels are say 38 to 42 feet. This is around 68 feet, so this is about 30 foot more water than we're accustomed to seeing. Normally there are rock cliffs and some beaches along the river. All that is completely under water now.

The river has risen so high it’s flooded out the Spring House at the Stephen Foster State Park. Officials say the worst part is the river may not be done rising.

Johnny Wooley, Suwannee County EMS Director, says, "It's kind of a wait and see. We really don't know and we haven't experienced historically the types of rains we've had fallen with these hurricanes and following into Georgia, to know what type of impact it’s going to have down here on the river."

For the next few weeks, observers and emergency managers will keep an eye out on the overflowing Suwannee to make sure people and property are not harmed by all the water.