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Hard hit Indian River County lost five of 48 polling places during Frances. It is still assessing which of those survived Jeanne.

Indian River is just one of at least five counties that Secretary of State Glenda Hood is touring or will tour to assess readiness for November 2.

Glenda Hood says, "It is a major challenge, it absolutely is, there is no denying that, but everybody is up to the task and we have dealt with storms and situations before where we have had to make some changes."

The secretary of state has told Panhandle election supervisors that she wants a plan for alternative precinct sites at the end of this week; she wants the same thing for the hardest hit counties on the east coast at the end of next week.

With damage to some precincts still unknown, Jeb Bush says setting up super precincts in the hardest hit areas is likely.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, "It appears as though there is enough time to be able to fix what was hurt or damaged and be able to have the election as is."

Despite a heated presidential contest nationally, political scientist Lance Dehaven Smith says back-to-back storms coupled with precinct shuffling will take its toll.

Lance Dehaven Smith says, "I suspect that you’re just going to inevitably see a lower turnout. I just can’t imagine people under these circumstances are going to have voting at the top of the list of their priorities."

With all the damaged areas the state is encouraging as many people as possible to vote early.