Rolling With the Punches

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Carr Roberts is an expert at canoeing down the river and his driveway.

Carr says, "It's about two and a half feet deep right now in the driveway and up to the mailbox."

A large part of Southeast 113th Blvd has been flooded by the river that is more than 30 feet above its normal level.

Carr Robert, who lives on Suwannee River, says, "Well, you just have to deal with it. There's nothing you can do about it but deal with it. It's part of the fun of living on the river."

But Carr's street isn't the only place being affected by the flooded river. Just down the road at the Florida Sheriff's Boys Ranch the extra water forced a change of plans.

Alison Evans, Boys Ranch coordinator, says, "The river's going to rise and the river's going to fall. We are still standing strong here at the Boys Ranch."