South Georgia Residents Respond to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Folks in south Georgia made contact with relief volunteers in the Pensacola area and are now collecting goods to send over.

The devastation caused by relentless hurricanes this season is what the president of the Whigham Community Club says inspired his group to reach out, so a hurricane relief drive was organized.

David Ulmer, president of the Whigham Community Club, says, "We've been able to locate drop-off points at several areas; the Whigham hardware store, the bank and offices and businesses in Cairo."

All kinds of donations have been pouring in ever since, including personal items and even toys for children.

Emmett Inlow, a Whigham resident, says, "We understand very much, not as much as those do that's been through it, but we see it on the news it's been a bad thing with these hurricanes."

Beverly Knight of the Grady County Chamber of Commerce says, "We just want the people in Alabama and Florida to know we are here to support them."

There's been plenty of non-perishable foods collected in this effort and members of the Whigham Community Club say right now they are mostly in need of baby products and cleanup items.

Dave Ulmer says, "The formula, the cloths, cleaning materials. There's just a lot of need for these items and people coming by that facility everyday to reach out and receive those goods."

Ulmer says the overwhelming response from the Cairo and Whigham community doesn't surprise him.

Ulmer adds, “We're a small town, we have heart for this things like this."

They are small towns pulling together to make a huge difference. About $3,000 were also donated to the relief effort from the community. Members from the Community Club will pack up the donations and start hand delivering them Friday in the Pensacola area.