Memorial Services Held for Tallahassee Firefighter and Soldier

Memorial services were held Thursday for Eddie Lorenzo Jackson, a husband, father, soldier and Tallahassee firefighter.

Linda Jones of the Georgia Army National Guard says, "A lot of times when guys are deployed and they're at war, you don't pray for them as hard when they get back because you're a little relaxed and you know he made it, and then to get him back and be back only 58 days and for us to lose him, that was devastating."

Back on September 23, Jackson lost his life while riding his motorcycle up Highway 27 near Havana.

Iris Carter had spoken with Jackson a short time before he died and says, "And I just welcomed him back and I was like, hey Eddie welcome back, it's good to see you, and there was a glow about him."

She had no idea that Jackson, who'd just returned from serving in Iraq, would be killed in his own community.

Iris says, "About three hours later I received a call that he had passed on a motor cycle accident, and it really hurt my heart and I think the department and the community as a whole is going to feel that loss."

The department said farewell by issuing a last call. Jackson leaves behind a wife and two children. He was 35-years-old.