Tallahassee: Political Hot Spot?

Residents are wondering if the capital city will again be the center of attention. Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho says it's happening all over again.

"I've spoken to German radio, Italian television, a French newspaper, Japanese television, and that's just this week," says Sancho.

Aside from phone calls and interviews, his office has been seen a record number of Leon County residents registering to vote.

Sancho says all previous records of total voter registration have been surpassed with 170,000 registered voters for this November election, and this time around whether for Bush or Kerry?

Tallahassee residents have mixed views on their city becoming ground zero once again.

Tom Knox, a registered voter, says, "It was just very exciting to see the world down here. Even though it was a little disheveled, they got to see democracy in action."

Shannon Glusko, also a registered voter, adds, "I think people here have a better grasp on what's going on now. Yes, Tallahassee will still be the focus, but I think that will just increase aware ness. If people are paying more attention they might actually get out there and vote."

If you're planning to vote in the November general election but are not yet registered, the deadline to register is this weekend.

Bolstering the theory that Tallahassee is becoming a pre-election hot spot, The "Rock to Vote" bus tour will make a stop in town Saturday and Michael Moore will be at FSU.