Michael Moore's Visit

A controversial speaker is causing quite a stir in Tallahassee. Filmmaker Michael Moore is scheduled to speak at Ruby Diamond Auditorium at 8 p.m. Saturday night. Some local Republicans are already lining up to counter Moore's message.

The movie “Fahrenheit 911” caused picketing at theaters over the summer. Now, Michael Moore, the creator of that movie, is bringing his message to Florida State University.

Florida State Republicans say they're fighting back with a message of their own.

Kirsten Borman, Chairman of the FSU College Republicans, said, "We're not necessarily having an anti-Michael Moore rally, but a pro-American rally because so many of his comments are anti-American; we want to show FSU is for America."

Joshua Bowling thinks Moore should not be on campus.

“To my knowledge we haven't had a very strong Republican able to come and talk on campus I don't know if it's from lack of trying or if they've just been denied."

Darren MacFarlane says Moore should be able to speak.

”I think they have a right to rally against it but at the same time I question their motives behind it."

Plenty of local residents as well as students are expected to show up to hear Michael Moore. Tickets to the inside of Ruby Diamond Auditorium have already sold out. They're expecting people to fill up the overspill area so they've brought out these speakers to help everyone be able to hear what Michael Moore has to say. The student Republicans expect around 500 protesters to show up.