Jefferson County Salaries

Jefferson County officials are slated to get a pay increase from the state for the upcoming fiscal year. But several folks in the county are wondering if these elected officials should take the pay hike especially in light of the county cutting some 22 jobs last year.

Some 12,000 folks call Jefferson County home, and most of these residents are making a little above minimum wage, but several elected officials are making upwards of $80,000 dollars a year.

"I do believe some of the officials make more money than they're worthy off. It's a small county and we have a lot of places in the county the money can be better spent."

The state is increasing the current salaries for several elected officials this coming year. The proposed salary for county commissioners is $23,780, a $408 increase. The supervisor of elections is slated to make $69,234, and the tax collector, property appraiser, and clerk of circuit court will all earn more than $84,000 dollars. The sheriff will get a $1,300 increase.

"If they get the money it should go to the county employees they've laid off. The dumpster out there you've it's just a joke, I've never seen a county run like this."

"The clerk of the courts says elected officers cannot refuse a pay increase, but they can opt to donate that raise to an organization or give the money back to the county to add to the general fund.

"Our salaries are mandated by the state; by all means, if there is a way for me to cut my budget to help, I'll be willing to do that."

Pay increases are mandated by state law and approved by the legislature.