Elections Shenanigans

More election year controversy in Florida. Tens of thousands of those who thought they registered to vote will likely be unable to cast their ballots November 2. It's all because of an interpretation of the law by the secretary of state’s office.

Tens of thousands of voters like Jordan Valez are registering for the first time. "It’s exciting!"

Traci Jenkins is also excited about her first election. "I think it’s going to be tight, so I’ve got to do my part."

But tens of thousands of voters' registration forms gathered by third party groups are being tossed out because the box asking if the person registering is a U.S. citizen has not been checked. John Kerry’s Florida campaign manager, Congressman Kendrick Meek, calls it a technicality because the voter must also sign an oath at the bottom of the form affirming they are a citizen.

Meek says if allowed to stand, the ruling could cast doubt on the elections outcome, but stand it will, says state elections

Two counties, Miami Dade and Leon have decided to accept signed registrations without a checked citizenship box, but in 65 other counties, thousands of would be voters could be in for a rude surprise come Election Day.

The deadline to register for the presidential election is midnight Monday. Unless there’s a court challenge of some type, that will also be the deadline for correcting any forms that haven’t been filled out completely.