Registering in Droves

People are taking an interest in the election in a way they haven't taken an interest in generations.

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office was in full swing on Monday as residents came for their last chance to register to vote. It was the end to what is a record year for voter registration.

Ion Sancho, said, “voter registration has simply reached unprecedented levels. On Friday, we were at 163,000 registered voters, today we're at 166,000 registered voters."

The reason for the rise, you only have to look back four years and the 2000 election and that means in 2004 Floridians realize that each vote is an important one.

Brittany Farrar, first time voting in Florida, said, “I’m new to Florida, and I know that it's a swing state and that every vote is going to count.”

Robin Walls, re-registering to vote, said, “this year especially it's very critical to get out and vote, it's going to be a very close race and i just feel this year that every vote is going to count.”

Absentee voters were also getting into the mix Monday and just because they won't be around to cast their vote in person, they want to make sure they have a say in who is elected.

Voter registration ended at 5:30 p.m. Monday and now Leon County is armed with thousands of new voters looking to make a difference.