State Officials Hoping for Federal Hurricane Relief Funds

Local officials are asking folks to report all damage from the recent rash of hurricanes and storms.

By doing so, local communities could become eligible for federal disaster relief even as the clean up from the recent round of storms is still underway. Local officials say the most important issue may be reporting all the damage to federal officials.

"Without a presidential declaration of a state of disaster, there's no federal funds to help, so its very important that we all report all the numbers that we can because we're in a situation where we need the federal help."

Georgia state officials say going after federal help is a lot like trying to get help from your personal insurance agency, and that keeping good records is the key to getting reimbursed.

"I wouldn't count on a three day turn around, I wouldn't count on a week turn around. Just know if we get declared, the help is there, its just gonna take a little time in coming."

Officials say the declaration is key in helping local governments pay for all the expense of dealing with the disaster.

"It's not budgeted expenses. That's money which comes out of our general fund, so it's important to the taxpayers here in Lowndes County that the local governments research and recoup some of the money."

That's why you are being asked to report as much damage as you can, so everyone can get the help they need.

Georgia officials say they are eager to get the federal help, but are grateful the Peach State was spared the destruction that Florida now has to deal with.