Debate Signs by Georgia Printco

Millions of Americans will spend tonight watching the nation's vice presidential candidates debate important issues facing our country. But you should also keep an eye out for the banners and signs that read "The Race at Case."

"You’ll notice in Lakeland, Georgia, there are no street lights. You’ll find our building is next to horses."

But in this small town, you'll find a printing company that's making a big name for its self. That's because these folks are solely responsible for making all the signs and banners you'll see displayed during tonight's presidential debate.

"Tonight we're on TV; the world will be looking at a Lakeland, Georgia product from Georgia Printco.

And the town of Lakeland will be well represented by more than 6,000 square feet of signs and banners for the race at case. So how does this company feel about taking on such a prestige project?

"Nervous, absolutely. We had to send them to the police first."

These printing experts say making the signs for the V.P. debate was a demanding but very unique experience.

"We ran into all the secret service requirements and the shipping requirements. Then they got the artwork into us the day before we had to print things out. So in the last two weeks we've printed 6,000 square feet."

Now that their job is finally done the folks at Georgia Printco say they all plan to tune into the debate and admire their hard work. Georgia Printco is currently working on signs for CVS pharmacies nationwide.