Fall Break for Students in Georgia

We all remember the traditional spring break during school, but how about fall break? That's right; some South Georgia students have all week off and are taking full advantage of it.

At local schools, empty parking lots and desolate playgrounds are all evident as students get a break from the books. This is only the second year school systems have held a fall break, and some parents just aren't used to it.

"I do enjoy the spring break because then you have enough time you can leave town and do things but for this it's kind of a bump in the schedule."

House moms like Hayes have had to get creative to keep their toddlers busy during the break.

"Find more activities around the house, more games, more puzzles."

But some parents turned to the YMCA.

"We give parents the opportunity to bring their young people to the YMCA for a fall break camp. This helps many working parents, parents feel safe that their kids are here."

For years, the YMCA has held spring break camp, but they've adjusted with changes in the school system. And kids say their fall break wouldn't be the same without the camp.

"Because I wouldn't be able to do noting at home. We get to eat lunch, play kickball, football."

"We do gymnastics, we worship."

Kids say they're making the best of their fall break, because come next week they'll be trading in all this excitement for homework again.

YMCA officials say the camp also keeps the kids out of trouble during the break. Nearly 100 kids signed up for the fall break camp this year.