At the Tallahassee Leon-County Civic Center, the stage is being set for Wednesday's town hall meeting with Vice President Dick Cheney and you can bet security will be strict.

Patricia Edwards, Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center, said, "Oh, extremely tight, you will not be able to park anywhere near the facility without having permission to park and everyone of our employees will have certain spots."

Back in May, Cheney spoke at Florida State University's spring commencement receiving a mixture of cheers and protest.

Officials with the Florida Republican Party say while addressing their issues, Cheney will also speak to the many democrats expected to attend.

Mindy Fletcher, senior advisor, Florida Republican Party, said, “Just because someone is registered from a different party, whether it be Independent, Green Party, or Democrat. I think they can still find things to agree with this administration on and we welcome their attendance and their votes in November."