Blame Canada?

Senior citizens packed this Tallahassee meeting room Tuesday, to learn more about the debate over importing prescription drugs from Canada.

Jeff Johnson, AARP, said, "What we think needs to happen is the system needs to be legalized and protections need to be put in place so it can be done safely and over the counter rather than through the back door."

Opponents say there is no need for imported drugs because the numbers show seniors are only spending three percent of their income on their medication.

Sally Pipes, against importing drugs, said, “They are spending more on entertainment than they are on prescription drugs. My solution is to just help those seniors who need help, the two percent of seniors who are under the poverty level and spend more than $4,000 per year on drugs."

Officials with AARP say allowing drugs to be imported would not only be a benefit to those poorest Americans, but for state governments that are big drug buyers.

While senior advocates and healthcare advocates may disagree on importing drugs from Canada, there is one area where they agree.