Tallahassee Animal Shelter Looking for New Director

The former director resigned last week. Tuesday he spoke out about his decision to leave the capital city. At the animal shelter in Tallahassee, you'll find all walks of life from playful pups to cuddly cats and well, scaly creatures too. But that wasn't the case two-and-a-half years ago before Dr. Gilles Meloche stopped euthenizing healthy pets.

“We have not euthenized any adoptable animals in a year-cats or dogs.”

It's a record the doc's proud of and the city too, but there are still challenges ahead.

“Money is a big issue for the city; they have to preserve what they have.”

The center already receives $1.6 million a year, but with a failing ventilation system and overcrowded kennels, conditions are worsening. And staff says money is the only fix.

“None of the departments feel they have enough money to operate, but it's what we can provide.”

The city says since 9/11 every department is feeling the pinch. But Dr. Meloche says that's not good enough, and he'll be taking his progressive attitude elsewhere.

“I didn't see myself not moving. I have to run all the time.”

Meanwhile, the city says it has tough shoes to fill. That's why a nationwide search is underway. Dr. Meloche says he and the city are on good terms. The city says that the search for a new director could take up to six months.