Locals React to Vice Presidential Debate

Local Cheney and Edwards forces gathered Tuesday to watch the VP showdown. There were crowded rooms on both sides of downtown Tallahassee, one on Gadsden Street where Republican Party supporters gathered, and another on Bronough where supporters of the Democratic Party came together.

All eyes were on the first and only vice presidential debate, but the views very different. David Leavy, an Edwards supporter, said, “We see momentum, we're encouraged by the participation across the board here in Florida and we've got the winds in our sails and move on to victory in 28 days."

Eric Hoover, a Cheney supporter, said, “John Kerry and John Edwards I'm sure they're presented with an issue they take all three sides you never know where they stand with Bush and Cheney you know exactly where they stand."

Even just with in the first few minutes of the debate there were strong reactions from both crowds.

Kristen Borman, Cheney supporter, said, "Honestly I don't believe the Democrats really know what they are standing for in this election."

As the debate wrapped up, both sides say they still stand strong with their prospective candidates.

Next, it’s all eyes from the debate to the polls in November. Vice President Cheney will be in Tallahassee Wednesday for a noon Town Hall meeting at the Civic Center.