A Tree Falls and Lands on a Motorist

It's a sad death for the century-old tree, but police say better the tree than a life.

LT Ken Bergstrom of the Tallahassee Police Department says, “It's one of those situations where she was very fortunate.”

As a Tallahassee motorist was on her way to work, she traveled north on Gadsden Street and a big oak tree greeted her with a bang.

Janice Hodge, the motorist, says, “All of a sudden I heard cracking and the tree was on me before I knew it.”

Janice escaped without a scratch, but the same wasn't true for the tree, the power lines or the transformers that left hundreds without power. The problem was easy to identify if you ask a tree specialist. He says what caused the commotion could have been avoided.

Sam Hand says, “This is classic failure of included bark crotch. On trees like this it's a classic failure.”

He says the tree should have been torn down years ago. As for the property owners, they're simply sad to say goodbye to their favorite landmark.

Hollie Thomas, the property owner, says, “I really regret the tree has fallen, but I'm extremely glad that no one was hurt.”

So many people who stopped to watch the old oak be hauled away couldn't believe no one was injured in this accident. When the tree came tumbling down a number of little children were playing across the street at a pre-school playground. Witnesses say the kids were shaken up, but are ok.

The power outage also disrupted business in the area. Police say the outages stretched as far as the Governor's Mansion.