Flu Vaccine Running Out Again

For many years Lynn Foster was told she wasn't supposed to get a flu shot because she suffers from multiple sclerosis. Little did she know this year's shortage would affect her.

Lynn says, "The research has changed, so I do need a flu shot. I just found out that I could be influenced by a shortage and not be able to get it."

Many local medical practices are also faced with having to do without.

Dr. Craig Bishop says, "This practice unfortunately had our vaccines coming all from the England company, so as of right now we will not have any flu shots."

State and local health departments in Georgia had ordered more than 35 percent of their vaccinations from the Chiron company and are working hard to find ways to provide the shot for those at high risk.

"It's frustrating because it’s almost a preventable disease."

For right now, doctors say good hygiene is a great way to prevent a flu epidemic.

"I think this year is going to be a critical year to do thorough hand washing and I don't just mean splashing water on your hands. It's doing the 20 to 30 seconds of vigorous washing with soap and water."

The good news is doctors say there are also two oral medications that can help folks fight the flu. You can ask your doctor about them.