Georgia Students "Gearing Up" for College

Morehouse College, Florida State University and Florida A&M University are some of the choices on the minds of high school students. For that reason, college is a top priority for the students and they're reaching for that goal through Gear Up, an interactive college prep program.

Hazel Jones, the program director, says, "It gives students an opportunity to receive awareness, career advisement."

Monica Mitchell, a participant, adds, "It teaches us about subjects in high school and college we need and have to know like geometry, algebra, biology."

Essay writing skills are also a part of the curriculum. All of these subjects will be seen again on college placement tests. Through Gear Up, students learn all the necessary skills needed to pass the SAT with flying colors, but they're also taught other skills that will last a lifetime.

Mitchell says, "It teaches us about self-esteem, that we need to be happy about ourselves and like ourselves."

Students say they realize their weaknesses and they say Gear Up allows them to work on those weaknesses, keeping them motivated and ensuring brighter academic futures ahead.

About 25 high school students from Thomasville and Pelham are spending their fall break participating in the program. The students also takes tour college campuses.