Boys Choir Initiative

The Boys’ Choir of Tallahassee is singing praises about a new adventure. Starting Friday, the 123 member group will begin training in video, television and film production. The skills they learn may land them on the big screen.

Veteran actor Ralph Wilcox has taken the Boys’ Choir of Tallahassee under his wing. Starting Friday, the nationally recognized group will begin film production training.

Ralph Wilcox says, “They're going to be coming over to my production studio in Colquitt, Georgia and training in the disciplines of camera, sound, lighting, make-up, hair, wardrobe, acting, script writing and producing some of their own projects.”

More than just learning, the boys may also have the chance to be cast in two major motion pictures.

Darian Hands, a member, says, “I thinks it’s a very good thing to show we have more talents than just singing; we can also act.”

An $85,000 grant will enable the 123 member group to visit Wilcox's studio twice a month for seven months. Boys’ Choir director Earle Lee says judging from their first visit, the fun has just begun.

Earle Lee says, “They were just having the best time, and as I saw them do that I just thanked God for giving them another opportunity.”

Wilcox has had roles in movies such as China Moon as well as recurring roles on TV series such as Bustin' Loose, Happy Days and Good Times.