UF Fall Field Day in Quincy, FL

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The University of Florida's North Florida Research Center in Quincy held its annual Field Day Thursday. The event gives farmers and gardeners and opportunity to see the latest farming techniques and products that are readily available to them.

Gary Crum is nuts about peanuts. His family has been growing the product since he was a child. For the past 10 years Crum has been attending the University of Florida's Field Day. He says the institute has helped him create a better crop.

Gary says, "It helps me increase my over all yield so I can increase my business. Before, I was on a conventional tillage. The average yield was 2,500 pounds; now the average yield is running 3,500 pounds."

Folks who come on this tour will learn how to grow a variety of crops including corn, cotton and peanuts. The event gives farmers and master gardeners an opportunity to ask questions and learn the latest research available to enhance their product.

Dr. Richard Sprenkel says, "They have an opportunity to talk to the specialist and learn tricks they can apply to their gardens perhaps on a smaller scale than what they would do in a commercial situation."

Estelle Whidden, a master gardener, adds, "You can learn great things here like planning times and how quickly plants grow because their studies are so controlled, which gives you a good basis for advising people on where to put a specific plant."

Organizers say they've made it their mission to deliver the latest technologies and information to enhance agriculture. This year an open house program was added to give people even more time to learn bout the center's program.