H 2 “Oh, No”

It's a sad picture of a once mesmerizing spring, but scientists say it's exactly what happens when too many nitrates pollute the land.

Jim Stevenson of Friends of Wakulla Springs says, "Our cherished Wakulla Springs is in trouble. We've been unable to run the tour boats quite often."

Stevenson says in the past year the glass bottom boats remained tied up for more than 290 days, mainly because the water was too dark to see anything below.

Jim says, “The ecology is going to continue to degrade. That will cause a loss of wildlife and other natural values.”

But help is on the horizon with the City of Tallahassee asking for a community-wide effort.

John Buss, the Tallahassee storm water manager, says, "Ultimately, cleaning up the storm water will take a cultural change."

It’s a change that includes maintaining lawns without using harmful fertilizers and watching for oil spills into the gutter. Buss says with the help from residents, these springs will be healthy again.