Mass of Trash

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Piles of yard debris are still seen around Thomas County after recent storms and the Georgia Forestry Commission says this increases the potential for wildfires.

Trent Ingram of the Georgia Forestry Commission says, "There's a lot of debris and there's going to be a lot of people burning."

People are burning debris; 400 permits have been issued since July 1, including businesses. Employees with Capital Auto Parts were clearing up Thursday.

Red Fletcher, who is burning debris from recent storms, says, "There was an oak here, there was a big pine down there, limbs and all this blew down; we're trying to get rid of all of it."

Right now the wildfire risk is low to moderate in Thomas County because the grounds are still absorbing the water from last month's severe rainfall, so Georgia Forestry commissioners say if you're going to burn your yard debris, get a permit and do it now.

Trent Ingram adds, "The wildfire danger is picking up, it's getting higher. There's a cold front coming through in the next week or two, it's getting colder, the leaves are falling, the grass is drying up."

With a dryer ground comes a higher drought index and a greater chance for wildfires, but for now if you chose to burn, you’re advised not to leave it unattended and use extreme caution.