Gap Growing

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Gov. Jeb Bush is feeling the heat with less than four weeks to go until the presidential election. He thinks his brother will win Texas, but John Kerry will probably take California and New York.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, “So the fourth largest state, the one top state remaining as it relates to a chance for either one to win is Florida, so it will be important."

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows the race tightening again among registered voters with President Bush leading Sen. Kerry 46 to 42 percent. That’s four points closer than a poll just two weeks ago, but among likely voters, the gap widens again with Bush leading 51 to 44 percent.

Women voters could be key in Florida. Researcher Clay Richards says Kerry leads among women, but not enough to cover the lead Bush has among men.

Clay says, “If Kerry is to make a serious attempt to win Florida he has to do much better among women."

One big X factor in this election is how all the hurricanes affected voters’ opinions. Pollsters have no doubt that the storms swung some voters for George Bush.

"He’s still there with the federal money and I’m sure he’ll come and say it again before Election Day that help has already come, or whatever."

You can count on more presidential appearances in the next few weeks, as well as visits from John Kerry. With a full 10 percent of voters still undecided in Florida, it’s still anybody’s race.