Georgia College Students to Protest Tuition Hikes

Student government president Jason Lewis is busy gathering signatures from Valdosta State University students who are unhappy with talks of a proposed tuition hike in January.

Debra Smith, a senior at Valdosta State University, says, "I'm not exactly happy with that because I’m taking out student loans and have the Hope Scholarship and Pell grants to through school. I'm paying my own way though college, so it's not benefiting me."

Lewis has already collected more than 650 signatures which will be included in a statewide petition that will be presented to the governor during a student protest at the Capitol on Friday.

Jason Lewis, president of VSU student government, says, "With that many people rallied around, we hope by doing this we can change something with the budget cuts and system."

Like many universities in the Peach State, word of the budget cuts and tuition increase have spread like wildfire and that's exactly the case here at VSU. Student government president Jason Lewis says his trip to the Capitol on Friday is just one of many protesting this issue.

Students say if the tuition hike is approved many of them won't be financially prepared to take on the additional costs. This makes Jason's trip to Atlanta that much more important to the student body.

Jason says representing the students at VSU is a job he's happy to do. Students from all over the Peach State will begin their protest at 9:30 a.m. Friday morning.