Senior Funding Flap in Gadsden County

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Some elderly residents in Gadsden County are up in arms after learning county commissioners opted not to fund their Senior Citizen Center. Commissioners instead transferred the funds to help balance the budget of the Sheriff's Office.

Inez Robinson is one of several senior citizens in Gadsden County who is outraged after learning county commissioners opted to give the Sheriff's Office $100,000 to care for inmates, money they say was slated for the Senior Citizen Center.

Inez Robinson says, "We want our money back that was given to us. Don't steal our money to give the prisoners, you're not giving it to the sick people. If that had been somebody losing their home or sick that would be something else."

Willie Scott, who is outraged about senior funding, says, "I feel insulted about it because they're saying to the seniors in Gadsden County you do for yourself because we're a non-profit organization. The county has no right to support you and I felt bad about it, it's just a slap in the face."

Sheriff W.A. Woodham says for the past few years the jail has been overcrowded, which contributed to a deficit in his budget.

"They said, well you had a shortfall of 95 this year with the same number of prisoners, they're going to need another 100 or more budgeted for the 2004-2005 budget."

But county Commissioner Brenda holt says Sheriff Woodham never supplied commissioners with documents to verify the over expenditures. The seniors say they will continue to address this issue until commissioners return the money to the Senior Citizen Center.