Democrats and Republicans Gather for Second Presidential Debate

Millions were watching round two Friday night, the second of three debates between Bush and Kerry. At Potbelly's restaurant in downtown Tallahassee, Democrats say Kerry was stern and answered the questions head on.

Washington Sanchez, a Kerry-Edwards supporter, says, "I think Kerry was very effective because he was able to get around, look people straight in the face and answer the questions as asked and not just talk about rhetoric."

Kevin Walsh, also a Kerry-Edwards supporter, adds, "John Kerry looked strong. He related to the people. He was relaxed, very comfortable in this environment."

Bush supporters followed the debate at Andrews and they felt the president was on target about his track record and the future of America.

Scott Matiyow, a Bush-Cheney supporter, says, "President Bush was casual and comfortable. You saw him acknowledging the people, waving and smiling at people. I think he had a good time at this debate."

Sen. Nancy Argenziano, (R) Florida, says, "I don't agree with everything the president says. I have some problems here and there, but when it comes to protecting me and my children any the futures of my grandchildren, I have more faith in George Bush than anyone else."

The third and final debate between the two is set for October 13, a focus debate on economic and domestic policy.

Many polls show the two candidates at a dead heat, this with less than a month before the November 2 general election.