Flint Riverquarium

There's a new attraction in south Georgia that's tying in the educational experience with entertainment. The Imagination Theater in Albany opened its doors for the first time Saturday morning, marked with a ribbon cutting ceremony, or better yet, a "film cutting”ceremony.

Step inside and you'll come face to face with its giant silver screen. To give you a little perspective, it measures three stories high and four stories wide!

“You feel like you're in the movie and it's, you're going into the caves and you can hear them, it's like you're in a cave,” said movie patron, Rebecca Johnson.

The film projector in the theater, which has 3D capabilities, was supposed to open in conjunction with the Flint Riverquarium last month. That was stalled due to a few construction delays. Now, together the facilities are offering the south Georgia community and beyond a glimpse into worlds never encountered by the average person.

Risa Young, who brought her daughter to theater, says,”Really held her interest, I was thinking the whole time [that] this is really educational and fun for her, so it was great."

The Flint Riverquariam has been open for a little more than a month. Employees say it's been busy in part due to hurricane evacuees, but mostly it's curiosity that draws in the crowds.

Imagination Theatre manager Guy Ray said, “Great response to it, everyone said it was very educational."

And it wouldn't be a day at the movies without the popcorn, even though it’s a bit out the ordinary. The Imagination Theater in Albany is the only large format theater in south Georgia. Additional movies will be added in the next few months.