National Wildlife Refuge Week

A popular wildlife refuge just south of Tallahassee is inviting you to visit free of charge. For one full week, entrance to the St. Marks wildlife refuge is free.

For Mondi Ezpeitia, bird watching is a favorite pastime. That's why you'll find him perched near the old lighthouse in St. Marks.

“We try to come two to four times a month as much as we can get in,” added Ezpeitia.

For him and his wife it’s a form of meditation, relaxing and refreshing for many visitors because at the St. Marks wildlife refuge animals can roam free.

Volunteer Gabby McKenzie said, “My favorite thing are the animals. You can see bears and alligators in the sun.”

Unfortunately for these visitors those alligators were hard to come by.

Carol Shutt is visiting from England and says, “We are hoping to see alligators. Nothing yet, but it's nice.”

Nice, tranquil and picturesque, they're the reasons thousands travel from all parts of the country just to catch a glimpse of the refuge many of us have in our backyard. The waved fees at the refuge this week are part of the National Wildlife Refuge Week.