Prices at the Pump

Gas prices are on the rise again. Experts say from September 24 through October 8 the combined national average for all grades of gas rose to $2.02 a gallon. So how are motorists taking it?

Foreign car owners are fed up; domestic car owners are down in the dumps. Most motorists are complaining a lot about the cost of gas.

Florida resident Sara Strickland said, “Something should be done about it. I mean, I don't know if its ‘cause of the war going on or not, but it is totally outrageous."

St. Petersburg resident Anna Daly added, “I think it's horrible. I mean, as we drove north the gas prices rose too. I mean, we went from a $1.93 and now we're up to $2.05."

But some of them aren't just complaining, they're taking action. Just across the border in Georgia residents know what they have to do to save a few pennies.

Resident Tasha Jackson says, “I always get a full tank before I go down there because when you get down there it's too high."

It's a well known secret that just over the border you can save at least a dime on liquid fuel. The state of Georgia has a state income tax so they don't have to rely very heavily on sales tax. Cross over the border into Florida and you'll see sales tax very high. Analysts say gas prices have climbed nearly eight cents a gallon in the past two weeks. The reason is record-high crude oil prices.

Meanwhile, we're all hoping relief at the pump is right around the corner. Prices are likely to climb in the short-term with rising crude oil prices, which hit more than $53 per barrel on October 8.